What’s in a name? that which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet

– Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet

Since launching the business, a few of you have asked me about our name: what “ComMundi Group” means, not to mention how to pronounce it! In the interest of getting it right for everyone, here’s a quick overview for you:

Pronunciation: “kom-moon-dee” (emphasis on the moon)

Com – for community and communication … and by extension, people

Mundi – Latin, for world or global … which denotes our international scope of experience, geographical reach, and emphasis on diversity and inclusion for everyone

Group – that the business is built on a more than just one person and set of insights, highlighting teamwork and multiple perspectives; also that groups are greater than the sums of their parts; teamwork.

Bringing it all together: ComMundi Group Inc.: People-First. Values-Driven. Global.

Elizabeth Cordeau-Chatelain

Elizabeth has 34+ years of communications and stakeholder relations experience in global business environments, leading teams across Canada and spanning 40+ countries.