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If you have gotten this far into my website, thank you for visiting.

Bienvenue, and welcome to the world of ComMundi Group. My name is Elizabeth Cordeau-Chatelain, a born and raised Montrealer who has returned to her beloved home town to launch a “without borders” coaching and consulting practice and hopefully, a new movement around leadership, values and culture in business.

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile for the details.

Those who know me well would say that I have never hesitated to speak out personally on issues that matter, even when the conversations might be tough. My clients and colleagues would also say I truly enjoy the calling of helping others find their own voices. I am now a Certified Executive Coach and Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools Certified Consultant, and ComMundi Group comprises other independent CECs and consultants who offer a wide range of expertise yet similar worldviews.

It is said that every coach / consultant has a signature presence. Mine is grounded in the acronym SPEAK:

Sincere Principled Engaged Academic Kindred

Put another way, I have always believed and had confirmed along the way that communications is the glue that holds organizations together, and leadership is the vessel. We speak not only with our words but with the values we hold, how we act and react, and what we consider important … or not.

As such, ComMundi Group’s services – values-driven leadership, organizational culture and executive communications and coaching – are reflective of this view and what you will read about most often in our Blog.

We will also be experimenting with styles, ideas and points of view. I invite you to comment on what you read and hear from us, and tell us your stories that support or debunk what we discuss. Without debate, very little evolves and it is clear there is no one universal truth.

And so, enough about me and ComMundi Group … for now. Thank you for getting this far – I hope you will return.

In order to get the ball rolling, I have a question:

What do you believe are the connections between communications, organizational culture and leadership?


Elizabeth Cordeau-Chatelain

Elizabeth has 34+ years of communications and stakeholder relations experience in global business environments, leading teams across Canada and spanning 40+ countries.