Maximize Performance with Coaching


Coaching has changed. Long gone is the sole idea of “fixing” people and performance through coaching. In fact, coaching has become one of the fastest-growing areas of talent engagement, benefiting everyone from the C-suite to line managers and staff.


The fact is: Coaching works.


All Royal Roads-trained, ComMundi Group coaches are ready and able to help you create coaching cultures, become thinking partners to your executive leaders, or support you as you develop your leadership skills or business acumen. Depending on what your coaching need is, we can assign the best-suited coaches to your organizations.

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Leadership Coaching

We coach a wide range of leaders, seasoned or emerging, who require a thinking partner or want to enhance their leadership and influencing skills. Whether you work in a tight-knit team or a complex, multinational, matrix environment, our coaches are all Certified Executive Coaches and members of the International Coaching Federation. We hail from various geographic locations and can often meet on-site, but otherwise we are only a Skype, Zoom or phone call away, bringing a wide variety of business backgrounds to our coaching practices.

Why the ICF Difference?

With an ICF-certified coach, you are assured that your coach is trained, monitored and subject to an international code of ethics. Find out why this makes a difference to your coaching experience.

As a client, you and your professional journey are most important in the coaching relationship. Each ComMundi-affiliated coach is screened for credential, knowledge, experience and fit — which allows you to work with someone who understands your needs and is a tremendous thinking partner in your professional development.

Elizabeth Cordeau-Chatelain, MA, ACC, CEC

Founder, ComMundi Group

Coaching for a Psychologically Healthy Workplace

There is a way to do it.

Today’s organizations are rife with stories about employee burnout, struggles with fit and corporate culture, or poor leadership. These struggles take their toll: from growing numbers of health benefits claims to the hard and hidden costs of internal conflict, employee turnover and litigation.

Leaders and managers take note: the way forward is to assess and then coach for a psychologically healthy workplace. Select ComMundi consultants are trained to assess the workplace for psychological safety, and our coaches will coach your teams and their leaders into a psychologically safe mindset.

Learn more about our Workplace Climate Coaching Program

We follow the guidelines and use the tools certified through the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Psychological Health & Safety Advisor certification program. Contact us about our approach to helping you improve your workplace climate through evaluation, training and coaching.

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ComMundi CoachConnect: Coaching as an Employee Benefit

It used to be that coaching was offered exclusively to leadership and high-potential employees. While those groups are natural candidates for coaching, our own experience with clients has also shown, and studies reveal, that coaching benefits all employees.

With that in mind, ComMundi Group offers “ComMundi CoachConnect” packages to employers who would like to expand their employee benefits programs with coaching. Packages can be delivered as a distinct, time-based program, a per employee rate, or offered as a flexible access, minimum 1-year commitment based on agreed-upon coaching hours tailored to employers’ needs and budgets. As our roster includes ICF-accredited Certified Executive Coaches from across Canada, we coach in all North American time zones, and can be available in person or via Skype, Zoom or telephone. Our packages also include specific statistics on program access and usage, other coaching ROI metrics, all while maintaining strict requirements governing confidentiality and privacy.

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