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Communications is in our hearts and we believe it lies at the centre of how people connect, learn and get things done. But managing it has grown in complexity and scope, requiring many new skills and resources. ComMundi Group consultants offer specialized, boutique services focused solely on communications leadership, team development and governance. We have worked for and with professional services firms large and small as well as multinationals with 100+ affiliates worldwide, and understand the opportunities and challenges associated with keeping communications efforts aligned, streamlined and compelling. The fact is, we have been there, and developed these core services to help the busy corporate communications leader.

Leadership Coaching for Communicators & Marketers

We coach marketing, community investment and communications leaders, seasoned or emerging, who require a thinking partner or want to enhance their leadership and influencing skills. Whether you work in a tight-knit team or a complex, multinational, matrix environment, our coaches are all Certified Executive Coaches and members of the International Coach Federation. We hail from various geographic locations and can often meet on-site, but otherwise we are only a Skype, Zoom or phone call away, bringing a wide variety of marketing, communications and not-for-profit management backgrounds to our coaching practices.

Retreats to Foster Collaboration,<br /> Innovation & Change

Communications and marketing strategic planning are comprehensive activities combining research, creativity, brand and best practice. To foster greater collaboration and innovation in this critical area of business excellence, teams need to connect to the workgroup’s purpose and goals and develop cooperation strategies on how everyone is going to work together. With our special focus and expertise, ComMundi Group consultants help you establish those trust-based foundational elements of team that drive brilliance and creativity.

ComMundi ValuesConnect

ComMundi offers a unique recruitment service to employers, agencies and candidates alike.

Employers & Agencies We are not a recruitment firm but complement you in finding the right talent in Communications, Marketing, Business Development, Client Relations, Stakeholder Relations, Public Affairs and Community Investment/Philanthropy. Using proven values alignment and assessment tools, we offer a fee-based service for employers who want to define the values they are seeking in new recruits, test potential candidates for values alignment, or communicate organizational values during the onboarding process.

Employees  Whether you are a new communicator or a seasoned professional seeking a higher sense of purpose, we help you identify your values and career motivations. We also provide Career Coaches who can help you decide what path you might want your career to take based on those values and motivations.


As a community investment or CSR professional, you are not only connected to the business, you are also united with your community stakeholders and partners. Social impact is critical. ComMundiCI brings a values-driven tool to ESG / sustainaibility professionals by helping you identify what values currently or should drive your investments, how they align with stakeholder expectations, and whether they match the purpose and objectives of your organization’s mission, vision and values.  

Organizational Analysis

Shared Resources or Regional Hubs? Centers of Excellence or Central Control? Perhaps your team has altered in size and location, you’re undergoing a merger or company reorganization, or you are simply restructuring due to growth or budget changes. Whatever the change underway within those complex networks, shared values and a well-designed network will align your team and its activities overall.  ComMundi Group helps you assess your organizational needs, identifying your team’s organizational raison d’etre and the best structures possible so you can manage your key functions efficiently, effectively and with as little duplication as possible.